Fall Homeowners Checklist

For a homeowner, fall is the perfect time to make sure your home is in tiptop shape. The winter season puts a large burden on your home, so proper maintenance and protection during the fall will ensure your home makes it through whatever winter brings our way!


1. Are your windows and entryways properly sealed and caulked? Check for cracks, gaps, and holes to prevent cold air from sneaking in! 47% of energy in your home is due to heating and cooling, and proper insulation can save you 20% on monthly costs!

2. Clean those gutters! After all of the leaves have fallen, you want to rinse and flush them of all of the leaves. This is usually easier in the beginning of the season, before the leaves are wet and weighed down. After they are cleaned out, repair any cracks to prevent leakage or ice damns.

Image Via HGTV

3. Inspect foliage. While the trees are absolutely beautiful this time of year, you are going to want to inspect them for low or weak hanging branches, and anything close to windows. The last thing you want is a tree breaking through the window come the first big storm.

4. Cover your outdoor furniture or store it somewhere it will stay dry.


1. Inspect ceilings for crack and/or leaks. Failing to make these repairs may lead to a much more costly repair in the future.

2. Clean carpets, wash curtains, and replace bedding with thicker fabrics.

3. Have your fireplace checked and chimney cleaned.

Image via Twin City Fireplace

4. Clean or change HVAC filters. This will keep your air clean and allergens at a minimum.

5. Check all carbon monoxide and fire alarms. Make sure you have extra batteries on hand, or replace them before they go out.

All of us at Home Point Financial Corporation wish you a safe, happy, and healthy autumn!


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